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Buy Area Rugs

Room Size Rugs That Complement Your Décor

So you want to buy area rugs?

Not sure how to get the room size rugs that will fit your specific room? PowerSellerUSA can help. Area rugs add a certain flair to any room, but how do you buy area rugs that will work for you? It's easy. Just follow the tips below to buy area rugs that fit your décor and your budget.

Before You Buy Area Rugs

  • Measure the area available for the rug
  • Decide on the focal point of the room
  • Don't compete with other patterns in the room
  • Choose rug colors that will complement your décor
  • Notice traffic patterns in room
  • Use patterned rugs for high traffic areas to reduce maintenance
  • Consider shape options of area rugs available
  • Consider using more than one area rug in large spaces
  • Consider different rug fibers
  • Use a padding to absorb foot traffic noise

Choose Room Size Rugs That Fit the Space

More often than not people buy area rug that are too small. Don't let this happen to you. Follow these simple rules:

  • Usually 4'x6' or 6'9' area rugs are suitable for coffee tables depending upon the size of the table
  • All table lets should be on the area rug
  • Try and reflect the length and width of the other furniture in the room
  • Leave some bare flooring between the furniture and the area rug
  • For dining room rugs add four feet to the length and width of dining table for accurate rug size
  • Choose hallway runners that are no more than four inches narrower and 18–24 inches shorter than the hall
  • If you opt for a rug with a border, be sure you have at least 18" to 36" of flooring surrounding the rug to offset the border. It will make your rug more prominent and the room seem more important.

Buy Area Rugs Online – PowerSellerUSA Makes it Easy

Once you have reflected on all of the aforementioned considerations, it's time to shop for the perfect area rug to complement any room in your home. is here to help.

PowerSellerUSA makes it a snap to buy area rugs online. We have a huge selection of design options in a number of price points. Choose from contemporary designs of geometrics and bold stripes to heirloom Orientals. buy area rugs of wool, cotton blends, indoor-outdoor fabrics, jute, olefin, polypropylene and more. PowerSellerUSA offers you a tremendous selection of the best selling rugs around at a real savings.

Buy area rugs click on the categories below. If you need assistance, or have any questions about the area rugs you are buying, please feel free to contact us. Our rug and design specialists will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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